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Wildside [userpic]

(no subject)

February 15th, 2007 (10:16 pm)

current mood: cheerful
current song: Talk dirty to me- Poison

awww just foud this

made that after the finals in the Torino Olympics. 

anyway to business....

These rock the h3ll out! 


Me with Kita ^^



Mötley crue


just to name few of the best...

Wildside [userpic]

Oh my....

February 8th, 2007 (11:12 pm)

current mood: awake
current song: girls girls girls- Mötley crue

Long time no see..... and no wonder.
Just looked at my page and oh dear it´s FULL OF CRAP! 
hopefully no one has read anything I`ve written in here... HOHHOIJAA URPO! 

man.... kinda depressing to read the stuff below xD 
not even.. kinda

anyway... how`s my life today? It`s been... interesting ;) 
have been going to quite many gigs the since summer actually. Also travelled to more places in 6 months than I`ve travelled in 3 years.
Especially tho... the gigs have been the greatest fun for me. Going to... where ever, to some small town or a bigger town in Finland or somewhere further, like England. Going with friends, cool new friends and it´s just been the best time.
Luckily I`ve started to like a little "smaller" band... well liked the band since summer, but hadn`t seen them live on stage untill only a month ago.
Love the fact that it´s "small" coz it gives us the chance to meet them and hang out. So, it`s been great =)
Can`t wait untill there`s a next one so I can see friends again, old and even new ;) and also some other fun familiar faces ;)

Well moving from that band to another one... the band I`ve followed to... outside of Finland as well. 
Lordi! They`ll have a gig in 2 weeks in Tallinn and it`s gonna be a GREAT trip, hopefully there will be a lot more than just a gig, but at least we`ll get to hang out and go drinking... not too much, with sence u know ;) but anyway just to relax! 
Just wondering if there are any good bars in Tallinn... like a Rock bar, or something.
Man I miss going to Hevimesta! 
Rocktown will open very soon in Helsinki....or Pasila. Oh well somewhere there.

well that was my "today life" in a nutshell.
have a blast ;)

Wildside [userpic]

(no subject)

April 20th, 2005 (05:45 pm)

current mood: thankful
current song: I miss you- Darren hayes... I really miss you I do.

I Loooooooove  Darren Hayes! and Savage Garden!


lol shocking.

that`s not news to me, coz I`ve loved SG since the beginning "to the moon and back"

but now I started to listen to SG after a well... not so long while but anyway! I love the first cd coz I have some great summer memories. I listened to that cd non stop and well... memories :D

Insatiable is perfect Darren style of music... so I just wish the newest cd would be EXACTLY like that, but it´s not.... :( it´s way different, it makes his voice dissappear in the back and his high amazing insatiable kinda sounds aren`t in the cd.

well I HOPE and PRAY he`ll gets back to his old style, coz I LOVE IT! his voice is like heaven`s music! and I´am NOT kidding!

so Darren, If U`ll hear me say these words, Insatiable and I miss you  are the kinda songs I want from you again. coz I miss those songs! GOSH they are so great and your voice.... *sigh*

and also while I`m in this subject....  I want Savage garden to tour again. I didn´t get to see SG once!

I remember the night they were here. I was too young and we didn´t have enough much extra money for me to go to an expencive gig. I just went to our balcony at night when it was dark and wished I was there where Darren and Daniel was performing at that exact same time. :`(

I miss you


Wildside [userpic]

I`m gonna see David Copperfield!

September 20th, 2004 (08:50 pm)

oh my gosh I`m so happy about that! This morning I went to the record store and bought tickets to the david copperfield show on december... now I just gotta wish he doesn`t have to cansel it =( I wouldn`t think so but it`s possible always....

aah well...

Well the biggest game in finnish ice hockey came last week. finland didn`t win. canada did. but canada wins all the games like this one so no wonder. but finland made it to the final so well ands by beating USA in their own country THAT was so good! =)

In other news... don´t bother to write now. lol

and I don´t remeber everything now... I`m hungry.



Wildside [userpic]

=) and it begins

July 28th, 2004 (06:37 pm)

Wildside [userpic]


July 28th, 2004 (06:23 pm)

current mood: cheerful
current song: darkness- i belive in a thing called love

I am here. here I am

I`d got lots to say but it´ll take to much time and I`m tired. I got work today.

but here is a note: to everyone in the world! You should all do a cleaners job at least one day in your life! Not just clean up ur own house but work in old people`s house or kinde garden.... Trust me on this, it´s not fun but u`ll respect more things and u`ll be more humble =)

well... I`ll be making some of the stuff here friends only or something like that. I wouldn`t have to thou coz I don´t think anyone actually spots this journal but anyway. =)

xx kissies! take care everybody :)


Wildside [userpic]


July 12th, 2004 (10:26 pm)

lil off the record thing: random!


4 guys who makes my heart bounce faster. yeah too bad they`re famous so can`t ever get close to them but still. Just love em! =)


Billy and Dominic (Pippin and Merry) *sigh* need to say more?

Johnny Depp! I saw a dream about him last night. Nothing special but just a dream where I met him and all. First I talked to him on the net and of course I didn`t knwo shoudl I belive it´s him or not but then I met him :) *sigh*

Last but NO WAY least. BEN =) he is probs gonna be the number one always.... becoz not even the most perfect men that I meet can blow me away ;) I don´t think even Johnny could do that if I met him. Well he is a bit older ;) but still he is a stud!


told you... I mean told Myself =/ It was random!


xxxxxxxx good night

Wildside [userpic]


July 8th, 2004 (07:26 pm)

ok I`m am on my holiday and I got NOTHING to do! NOTHING I think I kinda lost a mate in the camping weekend, just realised how... we just are not so close friends as i thought we were,.. anyway so I got no one to hang out with right now untill my 2 mates comes from holidays in other countrys.. but anyway
on saturday I would have something to do. we are gonna go to this place in helsinki with these americans and we can`t do that if it rains.... anyway today was lovely and tomorrow will be when i got nothing to do of course and I live in a building so I can`t even go to my back yard to sun bath or anything... and on saturday is gonna be cloudy! and probably it´ll rain!
RIGHT when I was gonna have something to do outside it´ll rain!!!!

I can`t even explaine how amazingly mad I am right now.
I was a lazy ass for few years. I had nothing to do at day time. and I only got 2 mates here where I live and they can`t always hang out and apparently the 2 has got into 1 mate left;) anyway I don´t wanna go back there.. back to last summer, back to beeing lazy indoors and just wishing I was something! someone!
and now the rain will mess up a great day that saturday would be... but I quess it´s fair I haven`t been really good person this last week so i quess I`ll get back it now... allthou i thought I`d get it back in some other way...

thank goodness I have something to look forward to! the trip to Florida on new years :) first spend a lovely christmas in here and then leave.
Today.. these past few weeks really.. I`ve been dreaming about something that I always wanted to do and I still want that. and I`m starting to think that I CAN do it. I don´t like things to be difficult and finding a place .. a teatre not a teatre school coz that I could find but a teatre where people go for a hobby to learn how to act and stuff... I wanna find that. But I cabn`t find it easily enough;) and that bites... I just gotta try.. I`d love to go to that teatre school or what ever it was where orlando bloom was in.. ok or if there are something else too... I`d like to go for that in england. me and my dreams... there is still a change they might someday come true. I remember 2 years ago when I said to my mom and my friend that when I have a job in the media coz I wanna be working there, then I`ll go to america and go into an acting school and try to get into somewhere with that. well now it can be england... actually I prefer that right now. well the media is still the same ;)

gotta stop writing now... oh oh! we also have a road trip next week`s weekend, goin to mid finland to see relatives.. it´ll be nice :) see the pretty country side and all and this time the backseat is ALL MINE! the last time was awfull when I had to sit between two kids and they had seat that were so big that I was pretty much my hands in my mouth all the way... over 6 hours.

goin... bye xxx

Wildside [userpic]

well thank goodness it´s sunday =)

July 4th, 2004 (10:42 pm)
current song: Lucky- Britney Spears

well I survived. hehe I really like the guy, we had SO much fun at the campin area and I wanan go there again with em but I don´t want anything MORE with this guy.... there are just some things that I can`t live with. So that´s it. I just hope I`ll remember that!! I`m scared of getting hooked on anyone :´(

I don´t wanna think about this now! next wednessday we are going to (me and my mom) to Itäkeskus a mall to buy a travel bag a big one! and yay clothes coz it´s sale!

It was a pretty day today:) we walked to the tarjoustalo (a shop) and it took an hour to get back... wow we walked really slowly! but no wonder coz we were both wearing sandals that weren´t so nice in a long run.

Ok well I think i gotta go now... to sleep... first I`ll check the ezboard forums thou. they`re nice, so many forums there! :D

good night xxxx

Wildside [userpic]

first holiday

July 1st, 2004 (10:24 pm)
current song: You- Point Break

feels so weird.... no work or anything just free time... I`m getting kinda scared. lol

Well I think it`ll be just fine.

wow I`ve been in a billy boyd forum and seeing all those great pictures of the people in the lord of the rings now I wanna become and actor more than ever! Beeing in a great movie like that and beeing with so great people. getting so close to everyone on the set and having much fun among the working. That would be a place where I`d wanna be in, be part of it. well... one can only hope and one can be the only one to make it happend.

I`m gonna see the guy tomoz who was in the camping area last weekend.... ooh... I dunno what i wanna do thou. heh coz.... i dunno. well i hope it´ll be fine but I wish there was someone else with me.lol and I don´t wanna go into some bar :/  no thanks.

what else? don´t know :)

I`m gonna go now...  good night! xxxxxx

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